Remembering The Women In Your Life On International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8th, is the world’s opportunity to recognise the achievements of all women and look to a future defined by equality.

International Women’s Day is a fitting way to honour the women who are no longer with us and celebrate the strong women in our lives.

Remembering women who have recently passed away is hard. But celebrating the way their strength and character shaped your life can help to ease the pain of loss, if just for one Sunday in March.

Remembering women who changed your life

Mothers, wives, aunts, grandmothers, close friends, mentors, guardians: women’s influence comes from all around, in a multitude of ways. There is nobody who can fill the void left when a woman is taken away, however there are ways you can keep her spirit alive.

Take time this International Women’s Day to commemorate the ways – large and small, public and private, subtle and celebrated – strong women defined you.

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Do something she enjoyed

Put on her favourite music. Visit her favourite café. Read a chapter of her favourite book, or walk the route she liked. Retracing her steps can help you remember everything she means to you and find strength in her memory.

Support her cause

From home life, to the workplace, in politics and society at large, IWD recognises women everywhere who are campaigning for a gender equal world. Honour the memory of your lost loved one by participating in a march they attended or donating to a charity they supported.

Celebrate with friends

Grief is a heavy burden to bear alone. Getting together with friends (hers and yours) helps to share the load by remembering all the wonderful times you were able to share. Company helps us heal, and in the process you may also share therapeutic laughter.

Write a letter

Expressing how much you miss and treasure your lost loved one can be difficult but writing a letter is a good place to start. You don’t have to send it; the act of writing is cathartic. Write a letter thanking her for those things she did for you that nobody else saw.

About International Women’s Day

Seeded by a protest march in New York in 1908 – the same year Australia’s last state Victoria recognised women’s right to vote – International Women’s Day became an official celebration in 1910.

Since then the movement has continued to grow in prominence, as a platform to celebrate strong women and campaign for equal rights.

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Priscilla Du Preezfrom Unsplash