Gift of Grace provide a variety of service options, all of which allow you to tailor according to personal, cultural, religious and financial needs of your family.

Many people prefer to obtain prices before engaging a funeral director and we can certainly provide obligation free guidance and advice. At Gift of Grace, we don’t believe your funeral or memorial service must be held Monday to Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm. If holding a funeral service after hours is more congenial with your lifestyle, we are happy to tailor our pricing to compliment your personal requirements.

The planning of every funeral should be started with a blank piece of paper. We believe that everyone is different and therefore each arrangement should be put together carefully and thoughtfully.

Outlined below are the ‘must have’ costs associated with a funeral.

This incorporates the tasks involved with any pre need planning and arranging and conducting the funeral including but not limited to the following:

  • Transfer of the deceased from the place of death into our care.
  • Provision of mortuary care by experienced and qualified staff
  • Comprehensive natural body care using pure essential oils and certified organic products
  • Provision of all necessary funeral service staff and one hearse
  • Attend to relevant legal documents and administrative paperwork
  • Liaise with cemetery, clergy or celebrant, newspapers, florists, catering etc

Our values of support, love and respect are an integral part of the care we extend as we walk this journey with you.

  • Professional Service Fee: 60, 90 or 120min chapel cremation $3,960
  • Unattended Cremation: (no service, no viewing) $3,300
  • Dual Service: $4,510
  • Extended Service Fee: 90 or 120min cremation chapel $3,850
  • Private Cremation/Low Cost Option: (no service, non-attend) Conditions apply. Includes transfer, natural mortuary care, simple coffin, cremation permit, cremation fee, administration and death certificate $3,000
  • Our ‘Irresistible’ Funeral Offer: Recycled cardboard coffin and 60min chapel service, all basic costs included $6,150  View Flyer
  • Our “Saving Grace” Traditional Funeral Offer: includes an oak veneer coffin, 60 mins chapel service and all basic costs for cremation $6,500  View Flyer
  • We support you to have your celebration of life at the location of your choice and at your preferred time. Costs can be tailored for any evening, weekend, public holiday or country  services.

Gift of Grace would be pleased to provide as much or as little assistance needed if you require support doing your own funeral arrangements.

We are proud to offer a beautiful range of environmentally friendly coffins which are handwoven from sustainable and natural fibres. They are sourced from FAIR TRADE certified workshops.

  • Recycled Cardboard $990.00
  • Bamboo $1,650.00
  • Pandanus $1,980.00
  • Banana Leaf $1,980.00
  • White rattan $1,980.00

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These charges are set by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board each year and do not vary between funeral companies.

It is a legal requirement a permit from a medical referee is sought before a cremation can take place.

An on-line registration by Gift of Grace generates the deceased’s death certificate.

Gift of Grace operates in collaboration with allied professionals Funeralplan Management. to secure funeral pre payments. A Funeralplan bond is a capital guaranteed investment fund with the specific purpose of meeting your funeral expenses. Your contributions and allocated bonuses are always secure.

This arrangement provides an opportunity to outline your funeral plans and make an investment towards your funeral costs which (upon death) protects loved ones financially and makes a difficult time for family and friends easier

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