All indoor chapels are air conditioned and possess high quality sound systems.  Each chapel is equipped with multimedia facilities that can play music and photo presentations.


The West Chapel
This is the largest of the chapels.  It can accommodate up to 220 people seated, a further 250 people standing and 150 people outside.  After the service guests can congregate in an adjacent condolence lounge.

The East Chapel
This smaller chapel can accommodate up to 65 people seated, another 75 standing and 150 outside.  The East Chapel also has its own separate condolence lounge for post-funeral gathering.

Outdoor Committal Area
This outdoor area is a popular choice during the warmer months and provides an informal alternative to the traditional chapel environment.


The Norfolk
The classic Norfolk is the largest of the chapels, comfortably seating 96 people and another 144 standing.  The Norfolk has a media gallery, organ loft and a quiet room, as well as a spacious condolence lounge for receiving family and friends after the service.  If additional space is required for large funerals, the Norfolk can flow out to a covered entry area with an external sound and TV screens.

Brown Chapel
The mid-sized Brown Chapel can accommodate 140 people and 100 outside.  An external sound system, monitor screens and condolence lounge complete he facilities.

Dench Chapel
For smaller funerals of up to 80 people, the Dench provides a more intimate ambience.  It also includes a comfortable condolence lounge.

Garden Chapel
Adjacent to the indoor chapel complex, the beautiful outdoor garden chapel provides a picturesque and private setting for families wishing to have an intimate service in the open air.

Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park

The East Chapel
The East Chapel accommodates 210 people, with seating for 118.  Built from natural materials including limestone and timber, the chapel sits in complete harmony with its surroundings.


The West Chapel
The West Chapel is a mirror image of the East, accommodating 210 people, providing seating for 118 and extends to an alfresco area.

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