By planning your service in advance with Gift of Grace Funeral’s, you can design and specify the exact type of service you would like so that your friends and family commemorate your life as you wish. This will give great comfort to your family and ease the burden of decision making during a difficult and emotional time.

Your funeral or memorial service can be personalised as much as you like. When planning the details of your service, think about the way you would like the service to look, flow, and feel. Many people want their funerals to be celebrations of life rather than sad affairs, and to that end will choose to have uplifting music and songs, colourful flowers, and inspirational readings and quotes. Other people want their funerals to highlight certain personal interests and achievements, and so ask eulogists to speak on specific topics or choose readings that focus on personal beliefs.

There are many personal elements of your funeral or memorial service that you can plan yourself, with the help of family and friends as well as the Gift of Grace. We welcome the opportunity to help you create the type of event that feels special and reflects the life you, or your loved one, have lived.

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Wishes For My End of Life Ceremony

Vale Alice Jean Farmer

We were so very fortunate to be able to chat with my mother in law about her funeral service.

She explicitly wanted a private natural burial with her immediate family present.

Here, her beloved grandchildren are openly honouring Jean’s wishes and being fully participatory in the ceremony at the Fremantle Natural burial section.

Stacey Farmer

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