AboutGift of Grace

Gift of Grace Funerals offers the freedom and choice to conduct a funeral your way to honour your life or that of your loved one. Whether you opt for a funeral service at a cemetery chapel, church, at home, a special venue, a memorial service or no service at all, we will help you plan and deliver a funeral that reflects the values, culture, beliefs and relationships of the person who is being farewelled as well as the budget allowed.

We understand that this is a vulnerable time for families, friends and community as they come to terms with the imminent or sudden loss of a loved one. Amid all the confusion and grief, we will be there to support and guide you, to help you make informed choices and decisions to create a personalised funeral experience that will honour and commemorate your loved one for all time.

Gift of Grace Funerals is firmly dedicated to a natural approach and a gentler way of doing things. Our products and the people we work with are carefully selected to ensure this commitment. We can coordinate, liaise and supervise all staff and service providers to conduct the entire funeral service, or for families who want to take control of the funeral arrangements, we will provide as little or as much help is needed.

We are a locally owned and operated funeral company with a simple business model that operates in collaboration with associated professionals. At all times we are dedicated to the highest degree of care, personalisation and virtuosity.

Stacey Farmer

Hello, Im Stacey Farmer and founder of Gift of Grace Funerals.I am a holistic licenced funeral director and Soul Midwife. I am a member of the National Death Advocay Network and Independent Funeral Directors Association, and have 10years experience in all facets of the funeral profession.

I aim to offer a more conscious, natural and socially sustainable approach to dying, death and funeral care. Your unique life and death is hugely important to me, and I want your experience to be everything you want and need from a funeral.

My passion and commitment to all is to provide freedom of choice, empowerment and inclusivity. Unlike most funeral directors I, I encourage the time to have a fully participative service where the bereaved can truly be involved in all aspects of the arranging, body preparation and ceremony as they might wish.

In this modern world, many people have a blending of beliefs, religion and ritual. I look forward to walking alongside our spiritual, religious , humanist and multi cultural communities, minority groups and Indigenous Australians. Your diversity of culture and unique rites of passage will be recognised and honoured.

I’m also available (at no cost) to assist families who wish to carry out the funeral themselves, and simply need advice or support.

Embrace the Grace

We are people first and funeral directors second.

The Gift of Grace team has grown organically since its establishment in 2015. We have wonderful people (funeral directors, celebrants, mortuary specialists, community educators) who, although different in lots of ways, share values and passion for the work we do.
We are a small team, easy to talk to and with a culture of ‘over service’. One of the things people appreciate about us is that you could see the same person when your loved one is collected as when you arrange the funeral, and then on the day of the service.

We’re very proud of the work we do

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