In our digital age, a dvd tribute has become an expected, gratifying element at a funeral service and can be a unique and creative way of honouring your loved one. In Memorium Productions (IMP) is a Perth based company that specialises in all types of multi media presentations and audio visual equipment, dedicated to funeral and memorial services.

Services include:

  • Producing DVD presentations based on photos, slides, negatives and video.
  • Filming and editing remembrance videos of people in palliative care or who are in the final stages of life.
  • Filming funeral services and memorials.
  • Providing audio-visual equipment for broadcasting services outside churches and chapels for large congregations.
  • Photo books
  • All types of audio visual conversion including VHS video, 8 & 16mm film, cassette audio and slides into digital formats for CD and DVD.
Ph 9227 0495
Stirling St Perth WA

Personalised options, created with love and respect.

A creative way to preserve special moments throughout a funeral or memorial service is to capture it with video. Combining the recording of the service, still photographs, videos shown, to those small details that hold so much meaning, it can all be recorded and remembered for future generations.

Here are useful contact details for recommended end of life photographers/videographers/end of life photography, mementos, filming or oral history reviews. These gifted people will assist you with a fabulous and heartfelt digital farewell 

Mandi Nelson    0407 995 950
Chris Harding    0450 219 306
Tim Smith   Final Word Oral Interview 0428 912 276
Jen Cerbe Photography     0421 889 922
John Solich   Mad Bat Films  0404 820 002

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