Gift of Grace will help you select and provide the floral arrangements and tributes that reflect the type of service you choose for your loved one.

We are aware of the environmental damage helium balloons can cause and discourages the practice.

Although beautiful in its symbolism, a release of doves or butterflies is a choice that requires the care and expertise of a professional release service. Please consider the following link

Be creative – You may want to have fun with BUBBLES. Make a bubble solution and let the breeze carry them skyward!

Here is a quick homemade recipe

  • ½ cup of eco friendly dish detergent.
  • 5 cups of soft water or distilled water
  • 2 tablespoon of vegetable glycerine or honey

Mix this together in a storage container and leave overnight for a minimum of four hours. A double quantity can be made for varying requirements.

Flowers possess their age-old power to enhance a service and comfort a grieving family. When someone close dies, words can often fail us. That’s why flowers have always played a role in expressing how we feel.

Coffin flowers can vary from a single stem, a bouquet, a wreath, a larger casket spray or simply a selection of home grown flowers picked from the garden.

Serendipity’s range of hand woven coffins are suitable to be creatively adorned with flowers which can be attached or woven through the base, handles or lids (pic)

Support for grieving families often dissipates days or weeks after the funeral, as well meaning and caring loved ones go back to their busy lives. Sending sympathy flowers to the family at this time can lift their spirits, brighten their home and show that you will be there for them throughout their journey.

May we recommend,

In lieu of flowers or tributes, often a donation is preferred and families will nominate a specific charity.

Float your loved ones favourite flowers or flower petals down a stream or lakeside area.

Seeds are a popular keepsake given to those attending the funeral. They are usually presented in a decorative, personalised envelope and are planted to create a lasting and living memory of your loved one.

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