We will bring our essential oils and certified organic bodycare products and show you how to care for the body naturally, beginning with a gentle washing of your loved one. This is a very intimate experience; a profoundly respectful, reverent last act of tender, loving care.

Unlike most funeral companies, we are happy to afford you the time to have whatever involvement you would like in caring for your loved one. The people in our care are never the anonymous ‘deceased’. They had a name in life, they have a name in death, and this is how we refer to them.

We leave the body in its natural state and do not undertake any invasive procedures such as embalming unless absolutely necessary.

You may choose to anoint your loved one before dressing in clothing of your choice. In keeping with a natural approach, we suggest natural fabrics of cotton, linen, silk or wool and recommend the minimal use of makeup. We will assist you to lay the body in readiness for others to view if this is desired.

Gift of Grace will care for your loved one at the Bellrae Mortuary Services facility in Malaga

Paula and Lucas Bell are progressive and compassionate mortuary providers who epitomise what it means to treat the deceased with authentic dignity and reverence.

As leading industry professionals, the highly qualified staff at Bellrae offer an invaluable service for families seeking personalised support and understanding throughout the after death care process.

Embalming is the process of draining blood and fluids from the deceased body and replacing it with an embalming fluid injected into the body to temporarily slow its decomposition. The aim is to preserve the body to make it suitable for presentation for public viewing, or long-distance transportation interstate or overseas, or medical or scientific purposes such as anatomical research.

Embalming is not mandatory, and in most cases is an optional procedure at an additional cost. The level of embalming required (partial – hands and face, or full body) will depend on circumstances and take into account the condition of the body at the time of death as well as the length of time between death and the funeral.

Along with the Bellrae Mortuary staff, our Gift of Grace funeral consultants will always openly and honestly negotiate the possibility of an embalming procedure with you. This will enable you to make informed choices which may best serve your post death and funeral wishes.

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